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Dear adult sponsors and benefactors:
Our mission requires ongoing financial support. We deliver free books to great kids who love to read. Your support makes a meaningful difference! Are you able to donate funds today?

When you donate funds to, your investment helps cover the costs of shipping, handling, and administration.

  • Shipping – the cost to ship one book is approximately $2.61 (USPS media mail) + $0.17 (bubble mailer) = $2.78.
  • Handling – the cost to prepare, inventory, package, etc., one book is approximately $1.00.
  • Administration – the cost for online services, bookkeeping, transportation, office expenses, etc., amortized per book is approximately $0.22

Cost per book: $4.00 (approx.)

Cost to kid: $0

How to donate:

Donate using Paypal or a credit card:


Donate by check or money order to:

Kids Read Free, Inc.
PO Box 283
Amana, Iowa 52203

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