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Kids Read Free, Inc. / (a nonprofit organization) distributing free books to kids who want them.

Legal Structure

Kids Read Free, Inc. is a registered nonprofit corporation, operating pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). The Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Iowa Secretary of State on August 25, 2016 (see Acknowledgement).

Mission Statement

As a charitable organization, Kids Read Free, Inc. endeavors to distribute free books to kids, especially to those who want books but have limited access or money to buy them. Through a campaign of awareness, encouragement, and distribution, we will make books readily available to kids at no charge, minimizing the obstacles of obtainment. We will seek the assistance and support of parents, educators, and other adult sponsors (as trusted stewards) to help us achieve this mission. Our time, efforts, and resources will be focused on kids who actively demonstrate an interest in acquiring books for their personal use, enjoyment, and fulfillment. To help foster an interest in books, Kids Read Free, Inc. will serve as an ambassador of reading and collecting books for fun. Using positive and proactive methods of encouragement, we will reinforce the real and essential value of books. We will affiliate with other individuals, groups, and organizations, when appropriate, to achieve our mission.

Vision Statement

By carrying out our mission, Kids Read Free, Inc. hopes to achieve a reality in which more people develop the habit of reading books. Books provide a quiet and peaceful gateway to knowledge, understanding, thoughtfulness, creativity, and so much more. Reading stimulates the brain, fires the imagination, nourishes the mind, and awakens the spirit within. Books are portable and magical devices of telepathy, connecting readers (via the written word) to the thoughts of others without the limits of time, place, or circumstance. No other method of modern invention allows us to connect so handily and so intimately (without tethers) to the ideas and truths and dreams of others. Readers who seek will find. Connections will be made. Books are tangible conduits to great rewards. Our vision is worthy of significant investment. Time is a fleeting commodity. As with other habits, the habit of reading books will often develop, and be most deeply ingrained, in people who read during childhood. What joys us in youth, joys us forever. To that end, Kids Read Free, Inc. has a positive vision for now and the future: the outcome of our efforts will be a successful fostering of book enthusiasts and joyful readers everywhere.

Values Statement

The guiding principle of our charitable organization is that kids who want books should have no barriers to obtaining them. All kids who want books should have an equal opportunity to get them at no charge. We consider the free distribution of books to kids a moral responsibility and a valuable investment in the intellectual fabric of our society. Further, we believe in giving kids complete ownership of the books they choose, so they might hold onto and accumulate a sense of pride in the ones they have read.

Fairness is also an important value to us. When economic constraints govern our capacity to give, we will impose fair but necessary limits and strive to balance the distribution of our available gifts as equitably and broadly as possible. Even though broad distribution of free books will pose significant financial and logistical challenges, it is nonetheless a worthy challenge in line with our values. We will encourage fairness at all times.

Adult sponsors are paramount to the success of our mission. Their encouragement and guidance can significantly influence kids to read and collect books. Kids truly crave the attention, praise, and support of the adults who make up their world, and adult participation makes an incredibly meaningful difference. At Kids Read Free, Inc., we value our adult sponsors as our most important partners. It is because of their efforts that so many kids grow up to embrace the joy of reading and collecting books.

At all times, benefactors shall be honored. For contributing books, funds, voluntary effort, or other services, those who donate to Kids Read Free, Inc. will be acknowledged with great respect. Through their donations, benefactors give us the opportunity to do what is right. For that, we are truly grateful.

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