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When you donate books to Kids Read Free, you’re helping kids who want books but have limited access or money to buy them. All Kids Read Free books are delivered to kids at no charge. We are genuinely interested in fostering a love of books in kids, especially during their middle childhood and early teenage years. These are critical years, full of distractions, and reading books can have a strong influence well into adulthood. If you have good, clean books suitable for readers aged 8-16, please consider donating them to Kids Read Free, and we will do our best to deliver them to kids who are excited and thankful to read them.

Example: 40 books (on table) + 68 books (in box) = 108 books donated to

Donate books by shipping them (in a box) using U.S. Postal Service Media Mail to:

Kids Read Free
P.O. Box 283
Amana, Iowa 52203
c/o Robert Ward

These 10 books weigh 3 lbs, so boxing and shipping them would cost about $4.00 (using USPS media mail).
These 10 books weigh 3 lbs, so boxing and shipping them would cost about $4.00 (using USPS media mail).
  • A 10 lbs. box (approx. 30 books) sent via U.S. Postal Service will cost $6.93 (2-8 day shipping rate).
  • A 20 lbs. box (approx. 60 books) will cost $11.73 (2-8 day shipping rate).

Where to find gently used books:

  • Your Family
  • Your Friends
  • Garage sales
  • Thrift shops
  • Library sales

Our condition preferences:

  • No ripped covers
  • No broken spines
  • No missing pages
  • No smelly odors
  • No water damage
  • No pencil marks

Hopeful young readers are most overjoyed when the book’s condition is like new. We always strive to satisfy a child’s hopeful expectations by shipping them the best possible copies we can find. As such, we carefully remove all stickers and residual goo, plus give the books a light cleaning. Of course, if you do this cleanup for us, we are even more grateful for your donation.


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