We deliver great books to kids at no charge! Here’s how:

As a nonprofit organization, we receive donated books in good condition, plus funds to cover the cost of shipping, handling, and administration.

Are you a kid? Here’s how to get FREE books:

Find a trusted adult sponsor (i.e. parent, guardian, relative, teacher, or librarian). Then, browse through the available books and ask your sponsor to claim a book on your behalf. If you read a lot, you can have multiple sponsors from different households.

Are you an adult? Here’s how to sponsor a reader:

There is no cost. Once registered, approved, and logged in, a claim form will display beneath each available book. Simply claim your reader’s book, and the book will be shipped to your registered address. From there, you deliver the book to the reader. You may sponsor more than one reader, claiming a limited number of books each month.

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